Anniversary rings

Celebrate your love and devotion with decidedly elegant anniversary rings featuring lab-grown diamonds created by VRAI.

Your guide to buying an anniversary ring

Anniversary rings with lab-grown diamonds FAQ

There are no rules on what specific ring you should buy for an anniversary, so you should choose the ring that feels best for the occasion. But, for example, a twenty-fifth wedding anniversary is historically associated with the color silver, so a platinum or 18k white gold ring is ideal. Traditionally, fifty years of marriage is celebrated with yellow gold. The traditional gift for a sixtieth anniversary is diamonds — so an all-diamond band is ideal.

There is no specific anniversary that calls for upgrading wedding rings, as upgrading wedding rings is a personal choice. However, many couples who opt to upgrade choose the ten-year mark to do so. If you decide to renew your wedding vows, regardless of the anniversary date, that would be an ideal time to invest in new rings.

How you choose to wear an anniversary ring is entirely up to you. Adding the anniversary ring to your wedding ring set is a popular option. If stacking, start with whichever band is the most substantial, nestle the engagement ring in between, and finish with the lighter band.

Many wear their anniversary ring on their left ring finger, as part of their wedding set stack. Others choose to wear it on their right ring finger to mirror their engagement ring and wedding band. There is no rule against wearing your anniversary ring on whatever finger you may choose.The only rule is to measure your ring size beforehand to ensure a perfect fit.