Oval cut engagement rings

Sleek, soft, and our most popular shape, Oval cut engagement rings featuring VRAI created diamonds marry the brilliance of a Round with an elongated form.


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      Expert advice

      Expert advice

      Complimentary appointments, in person or online, with our diamond experts.

      Complimentary appointments, in person or online, with our diamond experts.

      Discover Oval cut diamond engagement rings

      Explore styles featuring Oval cut VRAI created diamonds to find the one that’s right for you.

      An oval Solitaire engagement ring highlights a contemporary diamond shape in a design that will stand the test of time. The elongated oval shaped diamond is spotlighted to perfection in a Classic or Signature Solitaire settings, making these particular looks instant best-sellers.

      A vintage-inspired oval engagement ring marries a modern diamond shape with an heirloom-inspired setting. The gentle curves and elongated form of the Oval are perfectly highlighted in Hover, Curator, or Duet engagement ring settings for an historical twist to the overall design.

      An oval shaped diamond is known for its elongated form that maximizes carat weight. When surrounded with a halo of melee diamonds, it appears even larger on the finger and produces spectacular shine. Halo oval engagement rings also add vintage appeal for those wanting an heirloom-inspired setting.

      The soft curves and undeniable brilliance of an oval shaped diamond is only further enhanced in a Three Stone oval engagement ring. Choose a trio of ovals or pair an oval with side stones of a different shape for a look that is as unique as your love story.

      Oval engagement rings FAQ

      When buying a diamond for your oval engagement ring, know that this particular shape maximizes carat weight and hides inclusions. So consider prioritizing colorand cut for maximum shine.

      The top three most popular Oval engagement ring styles are Solitaires, Halos, and Three Stone settings. These timeless designs are returned to again and again for highlighting the Oval’s elongated form to perfection.

      The most important way to pair your oval engagement ring with a wedding band is to try the two on together to ensure a comfortable fit. A diamond expert can assist you in finding a match depending on your style of ring.

      Depending on the setting, many wedding bands like a Flat or Round Band, or diamond-accented Infinity, Devotion, and petite Eternity Bands will pair nicely. Depending on the carat weight and size of your Oval, you may need a style that pairs flush with your perfect engagement ring. Certain styles, like a Curator Band, might brush against the elongated diamond’s edges.

      Choosing an Oval engagement ring means that you are an individual who has a “timeless with a twist” type of style. You love the classic beauty of a Round Brilliant diamond, but the modern and maximalist form of this elongated shape.

      Oval engagement rings are popular because they are a modern twist on a timeless style. They feature the same rounded shape and brilliant cut faces as a Round Brilliant engagement ring, but in an updated form. Because of the Oval’s elongated shape, it also maximizes carat weight and looks larger on the finger than a traditional round

      Oval engagement rings symbolize lasting commitment and the promise of commitment. Oval diamonds with an egg shape often represent a promise of family, new love, and a shared journey into the future.

      Yes, oval engagement rings are very much on trend. In recent years, elongated diamond cuts like ovals, marquise, and pear shapes have gained popularity. Ovals offer a finger-elongating effect and dazzling sparkle.